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Institutional Subscriptions Include this Full Suite of Resources:

  • Applied Turfgrass Science
    An electronic, peer-reviewed journal for the practicing turfgrass professional, including researchers, educators, industry representatives, growers, and managers. ATS  is also a forum for turfgrass professionals to exchange ideas, promote new products, and discuss new initiatives, developments, and issues that face the turfgrass industry.

  • Plant Health Progress
    A multidisciplinary science-based journal covering all aspects of applied plant health management including plant pathology, entomology, and nematology.

  • Crop Management
    Serves the crop management profession by providing timely and relevant research information in an easily accessible format. It is a multidisciplinary science-based journal covering all aspects of applied crop management and production agriculture.

  • Forage and Grazinglands
    A new online journal dedicated to the applied science of forage, rangeland, and conservation management. Readers will find research articles, reviews, guides, briefs, news, and perspectives.

  • PMN Image Collections
    PMN Image Collections include more than 1500 plant and agricultural photos and graphics. Educators and extension agents use PMN images to design dynamic study guides, training materials, and presentations.

  • Field Trials:
    Fungicide and Nematicide Tests provides a permanent reference for information on fungicide and nematicide performance.
    Biological and Cultural Tests for Control of Plant Diseases provides a permanent reference for information on performance of biological and cultural controls for plant diseases.

  • Plant Science Database 
    The Plant Science Database provides quick access to specific plant and crop science information, including extension fact sheets. Extensive and user-friendly search capabilities allow users to easily narrow their search.

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