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PMN to Implement Subscriber/Partner-Only Access

St. Paul, MN (May 11, 2005) Beginning June 30, 2005, the Plant Management Network (PMN), an innovative website designed for plant and agricultural professionals, will require a subscription to access two of its online agricultural journals and other resources.

Previously, PMN made new articles publicly available, at no cost, upon initial publication. This enabled readers and prospective authors to become familiar with PMN's electronic format and with the applied nature and scope of each individual journal. Subsequently, older articles were then rotated into a subscription archive.

PMN's first two journals, Plant Health Progress and Crop Management, will fully implement subscription access beginning June 30, 2005. Tables of contents and summaries of each peer-reviewed article will remain publicly available but full-text articles will require a subscription. News and opinion articles will remain public. After the initial subscription-only access period, all articles 18 months and older will then be made publicly available under PMN's Open Access policy.

"The necessity for this stems from the need for PMN to become a self-sustaining, not-for-profit endeavor supported by subscriptions and partnerships, as originally envisioned," said PMN Director Miles Wimer.

PMN's two newer journals, Applied Turfgrass Science and Forage and Grazinglands, will continue to publish new articles in the site's public area. This will be a transitional phase that will remain until such time as each journal can support the full subscription model. The PMN Soybean Rust Information Center will remain free and open to the public.

Other PMN publications and resources will be available only to subscribers. These include the PMN Image Collections, Plant Science Database, Education & Training Center, Biological and Cultural Tests for Control of Plant Diseases, Fungicide and Nematicide Tests, and Variety Trials.

Subscriptions are available to both individual subscribers and libraries. They are also available -- either at no cost or at a discount -- to employees, members, and other qualified affiliates of PMN's partner organizations. One single subscription fee includes all journals and resources mentioned above.

To assure uninterrupted access, readers are encouraged to subscribe early. Individuals may receive a $10 discount by subscribing online before June 30, 2005, using the promotion code PMN405.

Users may also recommend that either their academic, corporate, or governmental library subscribe or that their organization become a PMN partner. A form for recommending subscriptions to libraries is available online. For partner information, contact PMN Partner Relations Manager, Joan Quam.

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