Featured Open-Access Webcasts

•  Factors Contributing to Higher Cotton Leaf Grade Values
Gaylon Morgan, Texas A&M University, November 2014.

•  Cutworms in Corn
Andy Michel, The Ohio State University, October 2014.

•  Strip-Tillage Successes, Watch-Outs Based on Soil Type, Soil Drainage, and Climate
Mahdi Al-Kaisi, Iowa State University, October 2014.

•  Root Lesion Nematode on Potato
Ann MacGuidwin, University of Wisconsin, October 2014.

•  John Deere Cotton Yield Monitor and 2630 Display
Michael Buschermohle, The University of Tennessee, September 2014.

•  Using the Case-IH AFS Pro-600 Display to Record Cotton Yield Data
Pedro Andrade-Sánchez, University of Arizona, September 2014.

•  Hybrid Corn Yield Response to Foliar Fungicides
Pierce Paul, The Ohio State University, September 2014.

•  Managing Fungicide Resistance in Potato
Barry J. Jacobsen, Montana State University, August 2014.

•  Biology and Management of Spider Mites in Soybean
Ada Szczepaniec, South Dakota State University, August 2014.

•  Cotton Response to Stress Glen Ritchie, Texas Tech University, Texas A&M AgriLife Research, August 2014.

•  Identification and Management of the Invasive 'Kudzu Bug' (Megacopta cribraria)
Nicholas Seiter, Clemson University, August 2014.

•  Fungicide Resistance: A Case Study QoI Resistant Rhizoctonia solani Clayton A. Hollier, Louisiana State University, August 2014.

•  Phosphorous Acid and its use in Potato Post-Harvest Situations
Steven B. Johnson, University of Maine, August 2014.

•  Begomovirus-Whitefly Vector Complexes: Emerging Threats to Cotton-Vegetable Crop Biosecurity
Judith K. Brown, University of Arizona, August 2014.

•  Whitefly Management & Prevention of Excess Sugars in Cotton
Peter C. Ellsworth, University of Arizona, August 2014.

•  Preventing Sticky Cotton Caused by Whitefly & Aphid
Peter B. Goodell, University of California, July 2014.

•  Soybean Aphid Management Series: Update on Soybean Aphid Biological Control
Thelma T. Heidel-Baker, Iowa State University, July 2014.

•  Soybean Aphid Management Series: Management Using Neonicotinoid-Treated Seed
Christian Krupke, Purdue University, July 2014.

•  Soybean Aphid Management Series: Host Plant Resistance for Soybean Aphid
Erin Hodgson, Iowa State University, July 2014.

•  Management of Frogeye Leaf Spot and Fungicide Resistance
Heather M. Kelly, University of Tennessee, July 2014.

•  Fungicide Use on Soybean in the Midwest
Daren Mueller, Iowa State University, July 2014.

•  Principles of Fungicide Resistance: Focusing on Soybean and Corn Production
Carl A. Bradley, University of Illinois, June 2014.

•  Irrigation Management for Cotton in the Southeast
Wesley M. Porter, University of Georgia, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, June 2014.

•  Soybean Insect Pest Management and Thresholds in the Mid-South Region
Angus Catchot, Mississippi State University, June 2014.

•  Foliar Diseases Affecting Cotton in the Southeastern United States
Robert C. Kemerait, University of Georgia, June 2014.

•  Factors That Cause Sugar Ends in Potatoes
Mike Thornton, University of Idaho, June 2014.

•  Palmer Amaranth: Biology, Ecology, and Management
Peter Dotray, Texas Tech University, Texas A&M, May 2014.

•  Fertilizing for High-Yield Cotton
Glen Harris, University of Georgia, May 2014.

•  No-till Planting Equipment, Adjustments, & Operation
Paul J. Jasa, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, May 2014.

•  Powdery Mildew of Tomatoes
Brenna Aegerter, University of California, May 2014.

•  Agronomic Tools for Managing Soybean Water Stress
James E. Specht, University of Nebraska, May 2014.

•  Building an IPM Approach for Managing the Potato Tuberworm
Silvia I. Rondon, Oregon State University, May 2014.

•  Hairy Nightshade Control, Biology and Competition in Potatoes
Pamela J.S. Hutchinson, University of Idaho, May 2014.

•  Soybean Field Rolling
Greg Endres, North Dakota State University, May 2014.

•  Secondary and Micronutrients in Cotton
Hunter Frame, Virginia Tech, April 2014.

•  Soybean Nematode Management in the South
John D. Mueller, Clemson University, April 2014.

•  Role of Tillage in Managing Herbicide-Resistant Weeds
Bryan Young, Purdue University, April 2014.

•  Oomycete Diseases of Soybean and Current Management
Jim Kurle, University of Minnesota, December 2013.

•  Risk-Based Residential HLB/ACP Survey for California, Texas, and Arizona
Tim R. Gottwald, USDA-ARS, October 2013.

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