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Focus on Cotton

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Using GreenSeeker to Drive
Variable Rate Application of Nitrogen,
PGRs and Defoliants on Cotton

By George Vellidis, Ph.D.
Crop & Soil Sciences Dept
University of Georgia

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Summary: Variable rate application (VRA) of agrochemicals such as plant growth regulators, defoliants, and side-dress on cotton can reduce input costs as well as increase yields. This presentation will help consultants, county agents, growers, and other practitioners in the Southern U.S. cotton-producing states to understand the technology needed for VRA, how it is used, and the agronomic and economic benefits. Specifically in this presentation, practitioners will learn: how sensors are used to measure crop status; how the data from the sensors are used to make decisions about how much product to apply and where to apply it; and how VRA is used to apply plant growth regulators, defoliants, and side-dress nitrogen.

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