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Day 1: December 4, 2017

How Cover Crops Have Improved Soil Productivity
− Jesse Hall, Hall Farms
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Cover Crops and Soil Health
− Bill Robertson, University of Arkansas
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Incorporating Cover Crops in East MS
− Jack Huerkamp, Lampe Partnership
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Integrating Cover Crops and Herbicides for Weed Management
− Larry Steckel and Drake Copeland, The University of Tennessee
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Redbanded Stink Bug: Biology, Identification, & Pest History
− Angus Catchot, Mississippi State University
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Redbanded Stink Bug: Damage and Control
− Gus Lorenz, University of Arkansas
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Thrips Management in Cotton: The Game Has Changed
− Whitney Crow, Mississippi State University
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Performance of the New Bt Lygus Trait
− Scott D. Stewart, The University of Tennessee
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Bollworm Resistance in Bt Cotton
− David Kerns, Texas A&M University
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Future of Auxin Crops: Looking Into the Crystal Ball
− Larry Steckel, The University of Tennessee
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Day 2: December 5, 2017

Resistant Bollworms: Insecticides and New Traits
− Jeff Gore, Mississippi State University
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Weed Control in a Mixed Trait World
− Jason A. Bond, Mississippi State University
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Agricultural Policy Advocacy: An Update From Mississippi
Farm Bureau

− Mike McCormick, MS Farm Bureau Federation
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Changing the Conversation
− Rob Sharkey, SharkFarmer Podcast
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Maximizing Irrigation Efficiency: A Tool To Increase Profitability
− Wesley M. Porter, University of Georgia
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Variable Rate Phosphorus
− Brian Arnall, Oklahoma State University
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Increasing Water Use Efficiency of Irrigated and Dryland Cotton
− Tyson B. Raper, The University of Tennessee
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