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Management of Caterpillar Pests in Soybean

By Gus Lorenz, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor
Extension Entomologist
Associate Department Head
for Extension Entomology
& Plant Pathology
University of Arkansas
Division of Agriculture
Lonoke, Arkansas

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Summary: Caterpillar pests of soybean, particularly the corn earworm, Helicoverpa zea, and the soybean looper, Chrysodeixis includens, are arguably the most important insect pests of soybean. In this presentation we will discuss why these pests are a problem, including insecticide resistance and overlapping generations. Discussion will center on a new dynamic threshold for determining when to spray and selecting the right insecticide to achieve effective and economical control. We will also discuss other control tactics which can reduce cost of control including cultural tactics and a Nucleopolyhedro Virus (NPV) for corn earworm and another for soybean looper which will provide control of these pests which are much cheaper than synthetic pesticides. Strict guidelines on how to optimize control with NPV will be discussed. This presentation should provide practitioners with new information on control of these important economic pests and provide information on new and developing products to enhance pest management.

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