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John Deere Cotton Yield Monitor
and 2630 Display

September 2014

By Michael Buschermohle, Ph.D.
Precision Ag Specialist
Department of Biosystems Engineering & Soil Science
The University of Tennessee
865 974-7266

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Summary: This presentation will help cotton growers, consultants, county agents, and other practitioners across the cotton belt to understand more about how to setup and utilize yield data from John Deere’s cotton harvest monitor system and 2630 display. Yield monitors are the logical first step for growers who want to begin practicing site-specific crop management or “precision agriculture.” The goal for collecting yield data is to provide answers to the question; "how can I increase profits on this field." If yield maps are to be of any real value, the data generated from yield maps must be incorporated into the decision-making, analysis, and overall planning process of the farming operation. This “how to presentation” gives cotton growers, consultants and other practitioners an overview of how to setup a John Deere cotton harvest system and 2630 display, how to download yield data from the display and how to bring the data into John Deere’s Apex Farm Management software and view a yield map.

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