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Cotton Yield Maps: Tools for
Increasing Efficiency and Profitability

September 2013

By George Vellidis, Ph.D.
Crop & Soil Sciences Dept
University of Georgia

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Summary: This presentation will help consultants, growers, and other practitioners in the Cotton Belt utilize cotton yield map to improve the efficiency and profitability of cotton production. Yield maps show the variability of cotton yield in a field and are used to find undetected management problems, assess the effect of new management strategies, and most importantly, optimize the distribution of crop inputs within a field. The presentation provides an introduction to yield maps, describes how yield monitors work, and presents three case studies in which cotton producers used yield maps to make significant improvements to the farming operation which resulted in increases in efficiency and profitability. The presentation is accompanied by a downloadable booklet titled “Cotton Yield Maps: Tools for Increasing Efficiency & Profitability”.

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