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Flag the Technology

June 2016

By Bob Scott, Ph.D.
Extension Weed Scientist
Director of the Newport and Lonoke Extension Centers
University of Arkansas

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Summary: As the number new technologies for weed control are introduced in the form of herbicide tolerant crops increases, the ability to know what technology is grown in which field is becoming more important and more complex. This presentation will detail a program developed at the University of Arkansas, called Flag the Technology, which provides growers, consultants and commercial applicators a simple but effective means of identifying fields based on their herbicide tolerance technology. The program works across geographies, crops and state lines. It is also adaptable to new technologies as they emerge. This presentation will illustrate how the Flag the Technology program works, where to find up to date information and how to apply this program to your farm or business. Use of the Flag the Technology system will help prevent or minimize the impact of drift and help prevent the
miss-application of herbicides to the wrong fields.

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