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Healthy Soils for Sustainable Cotton

December 2019

By David Lamm
Project Manager
Soil Health Institute
Morrisville, North Carolina
Phone: 919-230-0319

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Summary: Interest in producing sustainable cotton continues to grow across all facets of the supply chain. By adopting a soil health management system, producers can help the cotton industry meet sustainability goals while improving productivity and reducing the environmental impact of farming operations. This presentation will explain how the Soil Health Institute has partnered with Wrangler Jeans and The Walmart Foundation to provide training on soil health management systems in cotton production. The Healthy Soils for Sustainable Cotton project seeks to expand the adoption of soil health management systems by cotton producers through extensive soil health training and through quantifying production and environmental benefits associated with adoption. Participants will be introduced to those conservation practices and activities that have been demonstrated to improve soil health in cotton production systems and increase the soil function necessary for food and fiber production. A soil health management system is made of management activities that address the four soil health principles: minimizing disturbance, maximizing diversity, keeping living roots growing, and maintaining residue cover. This webcast will demonstrate how improving soil health serves as an “umbrella,” covering all key performance indicators for sustainable cotton production.

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