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Managing Cotton Fertility

June 2016

By Tyson B. Raper, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Cotton and Small Grains Specialist
Dept. of Plant Sciences
University of Tennessee

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Summary: Properly managing cotton fertility is an important step in maximizing the efficiency and productivity of all cotton production systems; mismanagement by either over- or under-applying a given nutrient can result in yield penalties and substantial increases in expenses. This presentation lays the framework for establishing an effective, productive fertility management program- a framework which should benefit all consultants, county agents, growers, and other clientele involved in the cotton industry. Specific topics addressed in this presentation include the importance of managing optimum soil pH, the 4 Rs of nutrient management, and the importance/response, deficiency characteristics, timing/management considerations, and current recommendations for nitrogen, potassium, sulfur and boron.

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