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Utilizing PGRs in Semi-Arid & Short
Season Environments

August 2020

By Seth Byrd, Ph.D.
Extension Cotton Specialist
Oklahoma State University
Phone: 405-744-7865

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Summary: This presentation addresses how plant growth regulators (PGRs) are utilized in cotton in arid, short-season production environments. It provides an overview of how PGRs work and identifies instances in which PGRs are needed in cotton production. Additional topics include how variety selection and management practices influence the potential for excessive growth and the need for PGR use and how maturity is impacted by PGRs.

Biography: Seth Byrd is the Extension cotton specialist for Oklahoma State University. He received a bachelorís degree in agronomy from North Carolina State University, a masterís degree in agronomy from the University of Florida, and a PhD in crop and soil science with a focus on cotton agronomics from the University of Georgia.

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