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Capturing Value From Precision Agriculture Data: Big Data in Ag

April 2016

By Terry Griffin, Ph.D.
Cropping Systems Economist
Department of Agricultural Economics
Kansas State University

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Summary: Big data has been a media buzzword across the agricultural and most other industries. This presentation will help consultants, growers, and other practitioners across the cotton belt understand the realities of the usefulness of precision agriculture data in a ‘big data’ context. Several myths are dispelled while additional issues not likely considered will be highlighted. Specifically in this presentation, practitioners will learn: what to realistically expect from big data analytics; how some practitioners are unknowing participants in big data; and why it is important to be cognizant of big data rather than ignoring what others are doing. By the end of this presentation, the practitioner should know more about the general use of precision agricultural data across the industry and how to make the most of their own data as well as the opportunities provided by community data analysis.

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