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Role of Seedling Diseases and the
Efficacy of Fungicide Seed Treatments
in Stand Establishment of Cotton

February 2015

By Craig S. Rothrock, Ph.D.
University of Arkansas

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Summary: Seedling disease problems are a critical factor in the establishment of cotton around the world. Making effective decisions on seedling disease management is increasing in importance as a result of dramatically increased seed costs from products on the seed and technology fees resulting in growers reducing seeding rates, number of seed planted per foot of row. This presentation will help consultants, growers, and other practitioners in the Cotton Belt make decisions to limit losses from seedling diseases. In this presentation, practitioners will learn the pathogens causing seedling diseases on cotton and the importance of the environment at planting and the first few days after planting on seedling disease severity. By the end of the presentation, practitioners should know more about the causes of seedling diseases on cotton, planting decisions to avoid favorable environments for seedling diseases, and the importance of seed treatment fungicides for lessening the impact of seedling diseases.

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