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Preventing Sticky Cotton
Caused by Whitefly & Aphid

July 2014

By Peter B. Goodell, Ph.D.
Cooperative Extension Advisor
Integrated Pest Management
University of California

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Summary: This presentation will help cotton growers, consultants and Pest Control Advisers in California and Arizona understand the importance of managing whiteflies and aphids to prevent sticky cotton. The high quality of cotton in the California and Arizona requires that it be free of all contaminates, especially sugars deposited by aphids and whiteflies.

Three major areas will be discussed:
The problem to spinning mill customers caused by sugars on cotton lint
Identification, scouting, assessing and managing sweet potato whitely, biotype B
Identification, scouting, assessing and managing cotton aphid

By the end of the presentation the practitioner should know how to identify, scout, evaluate populations and use the best management practices to prevent sticky cotton caused by aphid and whitefly.

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