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Iron Deficiency Chlorosis in Soybean
September 2011

By Dr. Daniel Kaiser
Soil and Plant Nutrient Extension Specialist
Department of Soil, Water, and Climate
University of Minnesota

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This presentation will address the causes of Iron Deficiency Chlorosis (IDC) in soybeans and management strategies to increase soybean yields in the presence of IDC. In high pH soils, IDC can cause significant yield reductions and unlike other nutrient deficiencies IDC is not caused by a lack of iron in the soil, rather it is due to an inability of soybeans to utilize the iron in the soil. Research has also shown that high soil moisture and nitrates may increase the risk for IDC. Iron fertilizers can be used with varying success in correcting the problem, but the best results have been achieved with EDDHA iron chelates placed in furrow or by planting an oats cover crop. This presentation is for ag. professionals and farmers and highlights current thoughts and research on IDC.


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