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Dickeya: A Scottish, UK and
European Perspective

May 2016

By Gerry Saddler, Ph.D.
Deputy Head of Science & Advice
Scottish Agriculture (SASA)
The Scottish Government
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Phone: +1-44-131-244-8925

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Summary: Blackleg, a disease that has had little impact on potato production in North America over the years is showing worrying signs in recent times that itís on the move. Itís a disease that has plagued potato production in Europe for decades and can be caused by a number of different bacteria Dickeya and Pectobacterium species. Potatoes producers up and down the East Coast are rightly concerned and this presentation should give practitioners and growers an overview of the European experience of the disease, update them on ongoing research and explain what the European authorities and industry are doing to combat the problem. By the end of this presentation, the practitioner should have a better understanding of the disease, the pathogens involved and current advice on disease management practice.

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