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Hairy Nightshade Control, Biology
and Competition in Potatoes
May 2014

By Pamela J.S. Hutchinson, Ph.D.
Potato Cropping Systems Weed Scientist
University of Idaho
Aberdeen Research & Extension Center
Phone: 208-397-7000

Nightshade Control in Potatoes
(27 min 57 sec)

Hairy Nightshade Biology and Competition in Potatoes
(22 min 48 sec)


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Summary: This two-part presentation will help consultants, growers, and other practitioners in United States potato production areas understand the hairy nightshade’s biology, how it competes with various potato varieties, and controlling this weed with cultural and herbicide methods.

Included in part one, titled Nightshade Control in Potatoes, is information about control of hairy nightshade and other weeds problematic in potato, including cutleaf, black, and eastern black nightshade. Hairy nightshade has proved troublesome in potatoes for reasons such as 1) same family as potato so control methods safe to the crop and detrimental to the weed may be limited, 2) can germinate the entire potato growing season, therefore, control must last season-long, and 3) even if controlled early to avoid competition with resulting yield losses, later germinating hairy nightshade can host insects, diseases, or nematodes which are detrimental to potato.

Part two discusses the biology of hairy nightshade. When a practitioner fully understands the biology of hairy nightshade, then putting together effective integrated weed management strategies to target this weed is possible.

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