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Epidemiology and Management
of Potato White Mold

December 2016

By Dennis A. Johnson, Ph.D.
Extension Plant Pathologist
Washington State University
Pullman, WA
Phone: 509-335-3753

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Summary: White mold is one of several important foliar diseases that potentially affect potato production due to reductions in tuber yield and increase disease management costs. This presentation will help potato growers and field managers in potato production regions understand how the fungus that cause white mold colonizes host substrates to initiate disease, infects healthy potato foliage, and is most efficiently managed. Environmental and host factors that affect disease spread and progression will be discussed. The rolls of sclerotia in overwintering of the pathogen, of apothecia and ascospores in disease spread, senescent host tissue for initial infection and how they all relate to disease management will be presented. By the end of the presentation, those that listen will know more about the epidemiology of white mold and will be well equipped to manage the disease.

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