Public awareness of declining bee populations has increased interest in growing “bee-friendly” plants. Various groups have published bee-friendly plant lists, but these lists often lack experimental data and rarely emphasize flowering trees and shrubs—major components of urban landscapes. This webcast presents research detailing the flowering trees and shrubs that attract diverse bee visitors and provides tips on building a bee-friendly landscape.

Webcast and Podcast

Woody Plants for Urban Bee Conservation
− Daniel A. Potter, University of Kentucky
 Webcast and Podcast


Woody Plants for Urban Bee Conservation Study Guide − Carolina Simao Roe-Raymond
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Woody Plants for Urban Bee Conservation Slides − Carolina Simao Roe-Raymond and Daniel A. Potter Download Slides (42 MB)


Quantifying Bee Assemblages and Attractiveness of Flowering Woody Landscape Plants for Urban Pollinator Conservation - PLOS ONE

Plants Bees Like Best List - Horticultural Research Institute

Protecting Bees - Rutgers University IR-4 Project

Million Pollinator Garden Challenge - The National Pollinator Garden Network

Grant Funding

This webcast was supported by funds provided through the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), National Institute of Food Agriculture (NIFA), Specialty Crop Research Initiative (SCRI), NIFA SCRI grant 2016-51181-25399; by NIFA IR-4 Grant 2015-34383-23710; by the USDA Agricultural Research Service; and by various state agricultural experiment stations. Grant funding was also provided by the Bayer North American Bee Care Center, the Horticultural Research Institute, and the University of Kentucky Nursery Research Endowment Fund.

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