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Decision Tree for Grower Management Options

Corn Rootworm Management
in the Transgenic Era

December 2014

By Ken Ostlie, Ph.D.
Professor and Extension Entomologist
University of Minnesota
Email: ostli001@umn.edu

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Summary: Resistance to Bt-rootworm traits creates a management headache for corn growers and their advisors alike. While the temptation is great to merely layer more management inputs, itís time to get a handle on the situation and re-assess your options, especially under today's tougher corn economics. This presentation will address the management challenges posed by resistance, review options, and provide growers, crop advisors, dealers, consultants and extension educators with a framework for making decisions on corn rootworm management. Specifically, we will refresh your basic information on corn rootworm management by exploring the pros and cons of individual management options (crop rotation, Bt-rootworm traits, soil insecticides, adult sprays), what works and doesn't work. From that foundation, I'll examine how to integrate these options into a more comprehensive decision framework. Re-learning corn rootworm management will enable participants to move away from insurance-based approach that favor resistance to a more dynamic approach that emphasizes managing corn rootworm populations by tailoring options to field-specific risk. This approach manages corn rootworm populations, reduces risk of resistance, and uses inputs that are truly needed.

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