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No-till Planting Equipment,
Adjustments, & Operation
May 2014

By Paul J. Jasa
Extension Engineer
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Phone: 402-472-6715

Part One:

(48 min 55 sec)

Part Two:
Drills and Airseeders

(22 min 37 sec)


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Summary: This presentation will help consultants, producers, and other practitioners in the Corn Belt and High Plains better select, equip, and operate their no-till seeding equipment. No-till planters, drills, and air seeders have to cut and handle residue, penetrate the soil to the desired seeding depth, establish proper seed-to-soil contact, and close the seed-vee. Keeping these four items in mind, a producer can evaluate the strengths or weaknesses of any piece of seeding equipment and make any adjustments or changes necessary to make no-till successful. The presentation contains tips to improve stand and emergence uniformity and discusses many of the common attachments and where they might be needed to improve performance. Before purchasing any attachments, producers must evaluate what problems they may have, how does that attachment function to solve that problem, and will it create another problem by changing something on the seeding equipment?

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