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Strip-Tillage Successes,
Watch-Outs Based on Soil Type,
Soil Drainage, and Climate

October 2014

By Mahdi Al-Kaisi, Ph.D.
Soil Management/Environment
Department of Agronomy
Iowa State University

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Summary: This presentation will address the concept of strip-tillage as compared to other tillage systems that are used in corn and soybean production. It will provide a background and understanding of the strip-tillage system to farm managers, crop consultants, agronomists, and farmers in the U.S. Midwest and other areas. More specifically, this presentation will cover considerations of choosing any tillage systems including strip-tillage, the concept of strip-tillage, tillage performance under different soil and climate conditions, site-specific adoption of strip-tillage, impact of tillage systems on soil quality, and challenges and benefits of strip-tillage system.

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