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Whitefly Management & Prevention
of Excess Sugars in Cotton

August 2014

By Peter C. Ellsworth, Ph.D.
Specialist/Professor, IPM
Department of Entomology &
Arizona Pest Management
University of Arizona

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Summary: Preventing excess insect sugars in cotton fibers that lead to risks of "sticky cotton" in the marketplace is of paramount importance to the cotton industry. This presentation will help growers, pest managers and others understand how to implement a comprehensive IPM program to effectively manage whiteflies and minimize risks of a sticky cotton problem using examples, experiences, and research-based information from Arizona. Viewers will be introduced to both fundamental and advanced concepts in sampling whiteflies to support decision making and in preventing or avoiding conditions conducive to pest population development. This includes references to recent and new research on the role that natural enemies can play in the effective management of whiteflies in cotton and how strategic deployment of selective chemistry can create major benefits in "bioresidual" or the combined effect of all whitefly natural mortality factors that is possible when insecticides used are both effective against whiteflies and safe for the natural enemy community.

By the end of this presentation, the grower and pest manager should have an appreciation for the detailed discussions they should have with one another in developing their own production and pest management plans as well as detailed knowledge on how to deploy an effective sampling, threshold and chemical use program that is compatible with sustainable IPM and effective prevention of risks for sticky cotton.

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