Surveying For and Eradicating <i>Phytophthora ramorum</i> in Agricultural Commodities

Fig. 3. Partial sequence of the internal transcribed spacer region 1 of the nuclear ribosomal DNA of Phytophthora lateralis; P. ramorum; samples 02-199b, 03-51A, 03-51B, 03-51C, 03-51D, 03-51E, and 03-60D; and P. hibernalis. Gaps are indicated by a minus sign (-) and identical base pairs by an asterisk (*). Nucleotides that differ from the reference sequence are indicated as follows: A = adenine, T = thymine, G = guanine, and C = cytosine.

Image from Plant Health Progress article:
Surveying For and Eradicating Phytophthora ramorum in Agricultural Commodities