Asian Soybean Rust Caused by <i>Phakopsora pachyrhizi</i> on Soybean and Kudzu in Florida

Fig. 3. Detection of Phakopsora pachyrhizi from symptomatic soybean and kudzu leaf tissue by PCR and primers Ppa1:Ppa2. Samples processed included total DNA extractions from six soybean leaf samples with sporulating rust pustules (lanes 2 through 7) and from three kudzu leaf samples (lanes 8 through 10). One PCR reaction mixture was left open on the laboratory bench while samples were processed (lane 11), but no sample extract was added (negative control). Two soybean and one kudzu leaf sample extractions were made with an alternative extraction procedure (lane 12 through 14). Extracted and purified P. pachyrhizi (lane 15) and P. meibomiae (lane 16) DNA were each added to PCR mixtures as positive and negative controls (respectively). DNA ladder (100 bp, Promega Corporation, Madison, WI) is shown in lanes 1 and 18.

Image from Plant Health Progress article:
Asian Soybean Rust Caused by Phakopsora pachyrhizi on Soybean and Kudzu in Florida