Expansion of the Host Range of <i>Impatiens necrotic spot virus</i> to Peppers

Fig. 4. RT-PCR analysis of total RNA extracted from pepper leaves of healthy plants (Lane 2) and those inoculated with INSV by thrips transmission (Lane 3). A DNA fragment of approximately 1.3 kilobase pairs (kpb) was amplified only from total RNA extracted from thrips-inoculated plants, which developed symptoms similar to those in Figs. 1 and 2. RT-PCR of total RNA extracted from E. sonchifolia [(L.) DC. Ex Wight] inoculated with sap prepared from INSV-infected or mock inoculated pepper plants are shown in Lanes 4 and 5, respectively. DNA molecular weight markers (1 kb ladder, Invitrogen, CA) are shown in Lane 1. The sizes (in kbp) of marker fragments are shown on the left.

Image from Plant Health Progress article:
Expansion of the Host Range of Impatiens necrotic spot virus to Peppers