Fungicide Resistance Among <i>Botrytis cinerea</i> Isolates from California Strawberry Fields

Fig. 6. Occurrence of multiple fungicide resistance among B. cinerea isolates. Discriminatory concentrations of active ingredients were 50 mg a.i./liter for thiophanate-methyl, 10 mg a.i./liter for fenhexamid, 50 mg a.i./liter for Switch pre-mix (30 mg a.i. cyprodinil + 20 mg a.i. fludioxonil per liter), and 100 mg a.i./liter for Pristine pre-mix (66 mg a.i. boscalid + 34 mg a.i. pyraclostrobin per liter).

Image from Plant Health Progress article:
Fungicide Resistance Among Botrytis cinerea Isolates from California Strawberry Fields