Real-time PCR Detection of <i>Rhodococcus fascians</i> and Discovery of New Plants Associated with <i>R. fascians</i> in Pennsylvania

Fig. 1. Sensitivity of detection of Rhodococcus fascians using extracted DNA and bacterial cells. (B) Standard curve of Ct values calculated from 10-fold serial dilutions of Rf-1 cells ranging from 2.5 × 106 CFU to 2.5 × 100 CFU per PCR reaction. Three separate real-time PCR amplifications using a combination of the Rf-229F/Rf-408R primer pair and probe Rf-366P were performed for each dilution. The straight line was calculated by linear regression (Microsoft Excel).

Image from Plant Health Progress article:
Real-time PCR Detection of Rhodococcus fascians and Discovery of New Plants Associated with R. fascians in Pennsylvania