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  Peer-Reviewed Articles

Research affecting management recommendations

Research affecting management recommendations.

• Cool-Season Annual Grasses Interseeded into a Bermudagrass with Improved Cold Tolerance for Grazing in the Upper South. G. E. Aiken. 16 November 2013. Public Summary | Article

• Yield and Stand Persistence of Switchgrass as Affected by Cutting Height and Variety. A. J. Ashworth, P. D. Keyser, E. D. Holcomb, and C. A. Harper. 1 October 2013. Public Summary | Article

• Estimation of Nutritive Value of Spring Alfalfa–Grass Mixtures using In-Field Measurements and Growing Degree Data. D. Parsons, P. R. Peterson, and J. H. Cherney. 28 August 2013. Public Summary | Article

• Enhances in Crude Protein and Effects on Fermentation Profile of Corn and Forage Sorghum Silage with Addition of Cowpea. F. E. Contreras-Govea, D. M. VanLeeuwen, S. V. Angadi, and M. A. Marsalis. 22 June 2013. Public Summary | Article

• Productivity of Annual and Perennial Cool-Season Grasses Established in Warm-Season Pasture by No-till Overseeding or By Conventional Tillage and Sowing. P. W. Bartholomew. 21 June 2013. Public Summary | Article

Comprehensive reviews of forage and grazinglands issues

Comprehensive reviews of forage and grazinglands issues.

• The Alfalfa Yield Gap: A Review of the Evidence. M. P. Russelle. 26 August 2013. Public Summary | Article

  News and Opinions

New products, label revisions, and other industry news

New products, label revisions, and other industry news.

• Cow Herd Nutritional Adjustments for Winter. Kansas State University. 9 December 2013. Article

• Winter Means Cattle Producers Need to Keep Closer Eye on Herds. University of Arkansas. 5 December 2013. Article

• Switchgrass Drying Time Shorter Than Traditional Forages. Michigan State University. 4 December 2013. Article

• IPM for Billbugs in Orchardgrass. Entomological Society of America-PIE Division. 2 December 2013. Article

• Improving Forage, Livestock Production Begins With the Soil. The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation. 1 December 2013. Article

• Still Time to Soil Test Hay Fields. Michigan State University. 15 November 2013. Article

• Vegetation Along River, Stream Banks Source of Winter Forage for Cattle. University of Arkansas. 15 November 2013. Article

• A Different Way to Think of Feeding Hay. University of Arkansas. 8 November 2013. Article

• Johnsongrass and Frost Can Be Bad Combination for Cattle. University of Georgia. 3 November 2013. Article

• Testing for Prussic Acid. The Ohio State University. 1 November 2013. Article

• Forages at Risk for Prussic Acid Poisoning. South Dakota State University. 17 October 2013. Article

• Grazing Crop Residues. Michigan State University. 9 October 2013. Article

• All Hay Is Not Created Equal: Using the Relative Forage Quality Index. University of Georgia. 2 October 2013. Article

• Cattlemen Can Look to Cornfields for Low Cost Feed. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 2 October 2013. Article

• Harvest Management for Drought-Stressed Corn Silage. University of Minnesota. 11 September 2013. Article

• Proper Bunker Silo Management is Key for High Quality Forage. Michigan State University. 3 September 2013. Article

• Control Pasture Weeds With Mower, Herbicides and Good Management. University of Georgia. 1 September 2013. Article

• Ohio State University Expert: Now's the Time to Start Thinking of Fall Pasture Management. The Ohio State University. 21 August 2013. Article

• Diseases Hit Forage Grasses Hard. Penn State University. 7 August 2013. Article

• Caution: Beware of Poisoning Potential From Ergot Fungus Mycotoxins in Mature Grass Hay and Pasture. Penn State University. 7 August 2013. Article

• Beef Produces Should Strive to Maintain Proper Levels of Legumes in Their Forage Stands. Michigan State University. 1 August 2013. Article

• Advantages of Using Forage Preservatives. South Dakota State University. 23 July 2013. Article

• Cattle Confirmed Deaths Due to Blackleg. University of Arkansas. 18 July 2013. Article

• Look Out for Ergot in Pastures. University of Missouri. 17 July 2013. Article

• Grazing Management Impact on Rangeland. South Dakota State University. 9 July 2013. Article

• Ohio State University Expert: Summer Grazing Management Can Help Increase Productivity in Cool-Season Pastures. The Ohio State University. 3 July 2013. Article

• Ohio State University Expert: Lower Hay Inventories Increases Oats a Good Option as Double-Crop After Wheat. The Ohio State University. 2 July 2013. Article

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