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• Soybean Stem Canker: Re-emerging? - Febina Mathew, South Dakota State University, August 2015. Open Access Until October 31, 2015

• Soybean Vein Necrosis Virus - Damon Smith, University of Wisconsin-Madison, August 2015. Open Access Until October 31, 2015

• Big Data and Implications at the Farm - John Fulton, The Ohio State University, July 2015.

• Impact of Neonicotinoid Insecticide Applications on Spider Mites in Soybeans - Ada Szczepaniec, South Dakota State University, July 2015.

•  Grant Outreach: Fungicide Resistance in the Cercospora Leaf Blight and Purple Seed Stain Pathogen of Soybean - Paul P. Price, III (Trey), LSU AgCenter - Macon Ridge Research Station, July 2015. Fully Open Access

•  Grant Outreach: A Role for Oomycete Biology in the Development of Disease Resistant Soybean - Kevin Fedkenheuer, Virginia Tech, June 2015. Fully Open Access

• Reducing Nutrient Loss From Farmland - Fabiαn G. Fernαndez, University of Minnesota, May 2015.

• Soybean Cyst Nematode Management - George W. Bird, Michigan State University, April 2015.

• Evaluation of Seed Applied Nematicide on Soybeans - Tristan Mueller, Iowa Soybean Association On-Farm Network, April 2015.

• Giant Ragweed Management in Soybean - Bill Johnson, Purdue University, March 2015.

• Soybean Death Syndrome Management Update - Daren Mueller, Iowa State University, March 2015.

• Soybean Focus: Soil Sampling to Make Fertilizer Recommendations - Dave Mengel, Kansas State University, February 2015.

• Soybean Maturity Groups - Jim Orf, University of Minnesota, January 2015.

• Waterhemp Management in Soybean - Kevin Bradley, University of Missouri, September 2014.

• Management of Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth in Soybeans - Alan York, North Carolina State University, September 2014.

•  Grant Outreach: Fungicide Resistance: A Case Study QoI Resistant Rhizoctonia solani - Clayton A. Hollier, Louisiana State University , August 2014. Fully Open Access

• Biology and Management of Spider Mites in Soybean - Ada Szczepaniec, South Dakota State University, August 2014.

• Identification and Management of the Invasive 'Kudzu Bug' (Megacopta cribraria) - Nicholas Seiter, Clemson University, August 2014.

•  Grant Outreach: Soybean Aphid Management Series: Update on Soybean Aphid Biological Control - Thelma T. Heidel-Baker, Iowa State University, July 2014. Fully Open Access

•  Grant Outreach: Soybean Aphid Management Series: Management Using Neonicotinoid-Treated Seed - Christian Krupke, Purdue University, July 2014. Fully Open Access

•  Grant Outreach: Soybean Aphid Management Series: Host Plant Resistance for Soybean Aphid - Erin Hodgson, Iowa State University, July 2014. Fully Open Access

•  Grant Outreach: Management of Frogeye Leaf Spot and Fungicide Resistance - Heather M. Kelly, University of Tennessee, July 2014. Fully Open Access

• Fungicide Use on Soybean in the Midwest - Daren Mueller, Iowa State University, July 2014.

• Soybean Insect Pest Management and Thresholds in the Mid-South Region - Angus Catchot, Mississippi State University, June 2014.

•  Grant Outreach: Principles of Fungicide Resistance: Focusing on Soybean and Corn Production - Carl A. Bradley, University of Illinois, June 2014. Fully Open Access

• Agronomic Tools for Managing Soybean Water Stress - James E. Specht, University of Nebraska, May 2014.

• Soybean Field Rolling - Greg Endres, North Dakota State University, May 2014.

• Soybean Nematode Management in the South - John D. Mueller, Clemson University, April 2014.

• Role of Tillage in Managing Herbicide-Resistant Weeds - Bryan Young, Purdue University, April 2014.

• Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Use in Agriculture - Rory Paul, Volt Aerial Robotics, February 2014.

• No-Till Soybean - Chad Lee, University of Kentucky, January 2014.

•  Grant Outreach: Oomycete Diseases of Soybean and Current Management - Jim Kurle, University of Minnesota, December 2013.
Fully Open Access

• Advances in Soybean Breeding - Brian Diers, University of Illinois, September 2013.

• Impact and Management of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug in Mid-Atlantic Soybean - Ames Herbert Jr., Virginia Polytechnic University, August 2013.

• NSSI: How Soy Sustainability Can Help You Meet Your Customers’ Demands and Expand Your Markets - Shawn P. Conley, University of Wisconsin, Madison, July 2013.

• Soybean Tolerance to Metribuzin - Wesley Everman, North Carolina State University, June 2013.

• Soybean Aphid : Do Higher Crop Values Mean a Lower Threshold? - Kelley Tilmon, South Dakota State University, June 2013.

• Burndown Programs for Effective No-Till in Areas With Glyphosate-Resistant Marestail - Bill Johnson, Purdue University, May 2013.

• Increasing Double-Cropped Soybean Yield - David Holshouser, Virginia Tech - Tidewater AREC, May 2013.

• Observations and Biology of Kudzu Bugs and Their Management in Southeastern Soybeans - Jeremy Greene, Clemson University, July 2012.

• Value of Residual Herbicide in Reduced Soybean Stands - Vince M. Davis, University of Wisconsin-Madison, April 2013.

• Slug Management on Soybean - Ron Hammond, The Ohio State University, April 2013.

• Increased Reproduction of Soybean Cyst Nematode and Yield Of SCN-Resistant Soybean Varieties - Greg Tylka, Iowa State University, August 2012. Fully Open Access

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 Soybean News

• Fight Weeds Through Scouting and Herbicide Application Timing, Says Clemson Researcher United Soybean Board. 15 April 2015. Article

• Agnition Launches First Microbial Catalyst Soybean Seed Treatment Agnition. 18 March 2015. Article

• Sudden Death Syndrome United Soybean Board. 17 March 2015. Article

• Soybean Farmers Attest to Cover-Crop Benefits United Soybean Board. 16 March 2015. Article

• Great Traits United Soybean Board. 10 March 2015. Article

• Answering the Threat of Waterhemp United Soybean Board. 10 March 2015. Article

• Six Tips for Managing Herbicide-Resistant Palmer Amaranth United Soybean Board. 10 March 2015. Article

• ISU Scientists Identify a Seed Treatment to Curtail Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome Iowa State University. 3 March 2015. Article

• Purdue Researcher in Project to Lessen Impact of Soybean Plant Disease Purdue University. 1 March 2015. Article

• Roundup Ready 2 Xtend Soybeans to Deliver Enhanced Weed Control, Agronomic Packages Across All Maturity Groups Monsanto Company. 1 March 2015. Article

• DuPont Pioneer Introduces Herbicide Trait to Enhance Weed Control Options in Soybeans DuPont Pioneer. 10 February 2015. Article

• Bayer CropScience Introduces New Soybean Seed Varieties to Help Growers Improve Weed Management Bayer CropScience. 9 February 2015. Article

• Tillage Plays a Big Role in Managing Herbicide-Resistant Weeds, Says Researcher United Soybean Board. 6 February 2015. Article

• Finding Quality is Simpler Than You Think United Soybean Board. 1 February 2015. Article

• Trait Deregulation Clears the Way for New BASF Weed Control Option in Cotton and Soybeans BASF Crop Protection. 16 January 2015. Article

• Controlling the Harmful Effects of Nematodes United Soybean Board. 13 January 2015. Article

• New Syngenta Solutions Effective Against Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome Syngenta Crop Protection-US. 13 January 2015. Article

• Fight Fungicide Resistance With Seasonal BMPs United Soybean Board. 8 January 2015. Article

• Weed Out the Competition United Soybean Board. 7 January 2015. Article

• Dormant Winter Weeds Could Cause Planting Problems During Spring United Soybean Board. 6 January 2015. Article

• Understanding the Genetic Basis for Drought-Tolerant Soybeans American Society of Agronomy. 1 January 2015. Article

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