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Grant Outreach Webcasts

• Hybrid Corn Yield Response to Foliar Fungicides - Pierce Paul, The Ohio State University, September 2014. Fully Open Access

• Principles of Fungicide Resistance: Focusing on Soybean and Corn Production - Carl A. Bradley, University of Illinois, June 2014. Fully Open Access

• Northern Corn Leaf Blight - Sally Mallowa,
Iowa State University, September 2012.
Fully Open Access

• Gray Leaf Spot - Alison E. Robertson,
Iowa State University, August 2012.
Fully Open Access


• Corn Rootworm Management in the Transgenic Era - December 2014. Fully Open Access

Rootworm Biology and Behavior
− Dr. Joseph L. Spencer, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

Resistance Evolution and IRM for Rootworm
− Dr. Aaron Gassmann, Iowa State University 

Adult Corn Rootworm Suppression
− Dr. Lance J. Meinke, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 

Larval Corn Rootworm Management
− Dr. Robert Wright, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln 

Decision Tree for Grower Management Options: Re-Learning Corn Rootworm Management in the Transgenic Era
− Dr. Ken Ostlie, The University of Minnesota 

Latest Webcasts

• Corn Earworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Management in Corn - Robert Bowling, Texas A&M University, December 2014. Open Access Until March 31, 2015

• No-till Planting Equipment, Adjustments, & Operation - Paul J. Jasa, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, May 2014.

• Residue, Uniformity,& Systems Approach - Paul J. Jasa, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, January 2014.

• Seedling Diseases of Corn - Martin Chilvers, Michigan State University, November 2013.

• Management of Aflatoxin in Corn - Thomas Isakeit, Texas A&M University, October 2013.

• Spider Mite Management in Corn - Ed Bynum, Texas A&M University, July 2013.

• Corn Grain Loss to Fall Armyworm and its Associated Fungi, and Optimal Insecticide Spray Timing on the Texas Southern High Plains - Patrick Porter, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, July 2013.

• Managing for Corn Borers, Emphasizing the Southwestern Corn Borer - Scott Stewart, The University of Tennessee, June 2013.

• Irrigated Water Management Tools - William Kranz, University of Nebraska, May 2013.

• Nitrogen Management of Corn Related to Weeds - Laura Lindsey, The Ohio State University, May 2013.

• Slug Management on Corn - Ron Hammond, The Ohio State University, April 2013.

• The Importance of Early-Season Weed Management in Corn - Mark M. Loux, The Ohio State University, March 2013.

• Corn Seeding Rates in the Northeast USA - William J. Cox,
Cornell University, February 2013.

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  Corn-Specific News

• Scout Now For Black Cutworms and Armyworm Moths Michigan State University. 23 May 2014. Article

• Researchers Find Key Pieces to Corn Yield Puzzle University of Nebraska. 21 May 2014. Article

• Severe Weather Doesn’t Always Mean Disaster With Corn Louisiana State University. 20 May 2014. Article

• Genuity Launches First-of-its-Kind App Technology for Corn Rootworm Risk Assessment Monsanto Company. 14 May 2014. Article

• Weather Delays Corn Planting; High Yield Potential Exists For Corn Planted By Mid-May University of Minnesota. 1 May 2014. Article

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