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 Factors Involved in Developing Tomato Varieties With Improved Flavor - Jay Scott, Gulf Coast Research & Ed Center, October 2012.


 Maintaining Tomato Health After Harvest - Jerry A. Bartz, University of Florida, October 2016.

 Recent Viroid Disease Outbreaks in Greenhouse Tomatoes in North and Central America and Their Management - Kai-Shu Ling, USDA-ARS, September 2015.

 Tomato Diseases Favored by High Tunnel Greenhouses - Judson Reid, Cornell University, December 2014.

 Powdery Mildew of Tomatoes - Brenna Aegerter, University of California Cooperative Extension , May 2014.

 Effective Transgenic Resistance to Bacterial Leaf Spot in Florida Tomatoes - Diana Horvath, Two Blades Foundation , February 2014.

 Bacterial Canker of Tomatoes and Management Strategies - Hasan Bolkan, Campbell Vegetable R&D , December 2013.

 Integrated Pest Management of Whiteflies and TYLCV in Florida Fresh Market Tomato - Philip A. Stansly, University of Florida , October 2013.

 Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus - Scott T. Adkins, USDA-ARS , October 2013.

 Tomato Chlorosis Virus & Tomato Infectious Chlorosis Virus - William M. Wintermantel, USDA-ARS , June 2013.

 Curly Top Disease of Tomato - William M. Wintermantel, USDA-ARS, August 2012.

 Septoria Leaf Spot of Tomato - Tom Zitter, Cornell University, May 2012.

  Antibody-Based Diagnostic Tools for Identifying Tomato Diseases - Christine D. Smart, Cornell University, January 2012.

  Emerging Tomato Diseases in the Southeast and Methods for Their Control - Kelly L. Ivors, North Carolina State University, June 2011.

Food Safety

  Pre-harvest Food Safety Practices for Tomato - Jeri D. Barak, University of Wisconsin, Madison, April 2012.

General Topics

  Methyl Bromide Alternatives - Josh Freeman, Virginia Tech, April 2012.

Horticultural/Agronomic Practices

 Tomato Fertility - Soil vs Soilless - Emmanuel A. Torres-Quezada, Freedom Ag Research, June 2016.

 Processing Tomato Production: Seed Sector and Propagation in California - Gene Miyao, University of California, March 2016.

  Processing Tomato Production: California Practices - Gene Miyao, University of California , February 2013.

  Tomato Grafting Technique - Cary Rivard, Kansas State University, September 2011.


 New Insecticides for Controlling Lepidopteran Pests on Tomato - Thomas P. Kuhar, Virginia Tech , January 2014.

 Thrips as Pests and Vectors of Tospoviruses in Tomato - George G. Kennedy, North Carolina State University, September 2012.

 Pest Threat of the Invasive Brown Marmorated Stink Bug to Tomatoes in the U.S. - Tom Kuhar, Virginia Tech, July 2012.

Soil Fertility

 Nutrient Management in Fresh Market Tomatoes - Josh Freeman, University of Virginia Tech, August 2012.

  Managing Fertility in Drip-Irrigated Processing Tomatoes - Timothy K. Hartz, University of California - Davis, April 2012.


 Weed Control Considerations for Organic Tomato Production - Doug Doohan, The Ohio State University, April 2015.

 Managing Perennial Weeds in Tomatoes - Steve Weller, Purdue University , April 2013.

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