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Poster Presentations


Evaluation of a lateral flow device for the early and reliable field detection of Phakopsora pachyrhizi

Presenter: G. Hoyos

All authors and affiliations: G. HOYOS (1), B. Gow (1), D. Grothaus (1), J. Lawton (1), G. Olaya (2), K. Larkin (1), and T. Goddard (1). (1) EnviroLogix Inc., Portland, ME; and (2) Syngenta Crop Protection, Vero Beach, FL

A lateral flow device (LFD) was developed for the detection of Asian soybean rust (ASR), caused by Phakopsora pachyrhizi. The performance of this test was assessed against diseased soybean leaves inoculated with spores of ASR. Leaves of the V1-V2 stages were inoculated with two levels of spores (high and low) for 11 consecutive days. Inoculated leaves/plants on a given day were considered a set. Each set, after inoculation, was transferred to a growth chamber to allow the infection process to continue under a controlled environment. On the eleventh day, only nonsymptomatic leaves and leaves showing chlorotic lesions were evaluated with the LFD device by two sampling procedures, mesh bag extraction and snap cap punch. These leaves corresponded to those sets inoculated on days 511. The levels of visual infection observed on the tested sets were on the order of 0.20.5% (low level of spores) and 1015% (high level). The LFD device was able to detect the presence of ASR on chlorotic lesions and, to some extent, on nonsymptomatic lesions.

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