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Poster Presentations


Infection of kudzu by soybean rust Phakopsora pachyrhizi in Florida

Presenter: D. Wright

All authors and affiliations: D. WRIGHT, J. Marois, D. Narvaez, T. Mueller, K. O’Brien, P. Harmon, C. Harmon, and W. Jurick. University of Florida, NFREC, Quincy, FL

Soybean rust was first identified on kudzu in North America in November 2004 in Quincy, FL. Kudzu sites were monitored in 2005 starting in January and followed throughout the year. There were 131 sites monitored by Division of Plant Industry in 2005, with 15 of these sites positive sometime during the year. It is estimated that Florida has as much as 12,000 acres of kudzu with many times that number of sites. Soybean rust was found on kudzu throughout Florida during the relatively warm winter of 2005–2006. Within a couple of weeks after freezes, infected sites became positive again in north Florida. As in 2005, many sites became positive late in the season in 2006. This poster will discuss results from kudzu sites in 2006 and the potential to act as an overwintering host and an inoculum source for the soybean crop.

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