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Poster Presentations


Using environmental monitoring equipment to track soybean rust

Presenter: C. E. Turski

All authors and affiliations: C. E. TURSKI. Spectrum Technologies Inc., Plainfield, IL

Weather monitoring can aid in the prediction of soybean rust. The most important parameters are temperature and leaf wetness. Soybean rust can develop when temperatures are in the range of 46 to 82F. Leaf wetness is measured as an index from 015, where 0 means the sensor is dry and 15 means the sensor is wet. These parameters can be measured with equipment such as a leaf wetness/temperature logger or a model 2000 series logger. The data is then analyzed using Spec7Pro software to quickly view past and current information or create graphs and parameter-specific reports. Another key part of a soybean rust monitoring program is the IPM Scope, which has 40 and 140 magnifications. The IPM Scope can be used to help distinguish among the various diseases that look similar to soybean rust. Monitoring equipment can help growers know when the environmental conditions are right for soybean rust.

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