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Poster Presentations


Absolute 500 SC: A powerful tool for Asian soybean rust control

Presenter: J. R. Bloomberg

All authors and affiliations: J. R. BLOOMBERG (1), R. A. Myers (1), and I. Haeuser-Hahn (2). (1) Bayer CropScience, Research Triangle Park, NC; and (2) Bayer CropScience, Monheim, Germany

Asian soybean rust can be a devastating disease in soybeans if environmental conditions are favorable for inoculum buildup and dispersion. Bayer CropScience is developing a new fungicide, Absolute 500 SC, for control of Asian soybean rust and additional foliar diseases, as well as for plant health and yield benefits. Field trials in Brazil and the United States have shown excellent preventative and early curative control of Asian soybean rust. Absolute contains two very effective active ingredients to control Asian soybean rust, tebuconazole (Triazole) and trifloxystrobin (Strobilurin). Trifloxystrobin is a very effective inhibitor of Asian soybean rust spore germination. Tebuconazole does not inhibit spore germination but rather stops the spread of infection within the plant by inhibiting sterol biosynthesis. Working together, the two active ingredients of Absolute form a “shield” to protect soybeans from Asian soybean rust infection, development, and reproduction. Absolute was submitted to EPA in 2006 for review and approval for a Sec. 18 Quarantine Emergency Exemption registration for control of Asian soybean rust in soybeans. In addition, the product will be submitted to EPA in 2006 for a Federal Sec. 3 soybean registration.

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