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Poster Presentations


Asian soybean rust in Brazil

Presenter: T. P. Y Sander

All authors and affiliations: U. R. Antuniassi (1) and T. P. Y SANDER (2). (1) Sao Paulo State University - FCA/UNESP, Brazil; and (2) Micronair Division, Micron Sprayers Ltd., U.K.

Asian soybean rust has been present in soybean crops in Brazil since 2001. The disease now affects the entire soybean area below the equator. This poster describes the spread of the disease in Brazil and provides an estimate of economic impact. Aircraft are widely used in Brazil for the application of fungicides, normally at low volume rates. The poster includes a summary of a field trial to compare the performance of spray equipment at various application rates with and without the use of an oil adjuvant.

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