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Poster Presentations


Investigation of possible soybean genotype × fungicide application rate interactions

Presenter: D. R. Walker

All authors and affiliations: D. R. WALKER (1), T. A. Mueller (2), J. J. Marois (3), and D. L. Wright (3). (1) USDA-ARS, Urbana, IL; (2) University of Illinois, Urbana, IL; and (3) University of Florida, North Florida Research and Education Center, Quincy, FL

G00-3209 and G00-3213 are two sister lines developed at the University of Georgia from a cross between ‘N7001’ and ‘Boggs’. In an Attapulgus, GA, field test conducted by the University of Georgia in late 2005, G00-3209 had red-brown lesions and a lower severity of Asian soybean rust (SBR) than did G00-3213. An experiment was conducted at Quincy, FL, in the summer of 2006 to look at whether application of half the recommended rate of a fungicide (Headline SBR) would control SBR development on one of the lines better than on the other. The two lines were planted along with their parents, and the four genotypes received three fungicide application rates: full recommended rate, half of the recommended rate, or no fungicide application. An analysis of data on leaf disease severity for the three fungicide treatments is presented here.

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