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Poster Presentations


Utilization of a relational database system for summarization of global research data on diseases such as soybean rust

Presenter: B. A. Fulling

All authors and affiliations: B. A. FULLING and W. Olson. Heartland Technologies, Fishers, IN

For worldwide diseases such as soybean rust, the development of software with the ability to summarize data from numerous sources can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of disease management strategies. The software system has to address three major areas of concern: (i) the importing of data from various sources and geographic locals to create homogenous databases, (ii) the ability to edit and combine data category items, and (iii) providing data filters to generate specific summary reports. The FieldPro software has been developed as a relational database for importing data. The data is standardized during this process with the extensive use of dictionaries based on internationally recognized sources, such as the ACPA SART codes, BBCH growth stage codes, and the EPPO Bayer species codes. The speed of trial import and standardization depends greatly on the data quality of the original trials. After importation and standardization, the data is sent into the MTA (multi-trial analysis) module, which allows the data to be edited and summarized without affecting the original data points. To date, the MTA summarization module has been tested on databases of more than 6,000 trials originating from numerous countries.

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