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    General Session:
    Soybean Rust in 2006

Overview of soybean rust in North America during 2006.
Loren Giesler, University of Nebraska

Overview of soybean rust in South America during 2005-06.
Cláudia Godoy, EMBRAPA

Overview of soybean rust in the Caribbean Basin during 2006.
Consuelo Estévez de Jensen, University of Puerto Rico

Overview of soybean rust in Mexico during 2006.
Ing. Rigoberto González Gómez, Plant Health General Direction, Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food, Mexico

    General Session:
    Reults from 2006 Soybean Rust Control Studies

Results from fungicide efficacy trials, university data.
Melvin Newman, University of Tennessee

Results from industry efficacy trials.
Gary Cloud, Ag Research Associates

Is “when” more important than “what”: optimizing protection against soybean rust.
Bob Kemerait, University of Georgia

    Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Biology of Soybean Rust

Life cycle, spore germination, and survival.
Dario F. Narváez, University of Florida

Movement of spores.
Paul Mumma, Louisiana State University

Diversity—Typing populations/isolates.
Kerry Pedley, USDA-ARS

Hosts and host-rust interactions.
Mo Bonde, USDA-ARS and Herb Edwards, Western Illinois University

Economics and Policy

Economic impact of soybean rust.
Robert Wisner, Iowa State University

Current policy perspectives from CSREES and APHIS.
Kitty Cardwell, USDA-CSREES

Crop insurance: Quality adjustment and sampling/grading for soybean rust.
Dave Bell, USDA-RMA


Developing a yield loss prediction model for soybean rust - A crop physiology approach.
Saratha Kumudini, University of Kentucky

Spore deposition, micrometeorological data, and the spread of soybean rust.
Erick DeWolf, The Pennsylvania State University

Soybean rust progress curves under different environmental conditions.
James Marois, University of Florida

Host Response

Evaluation of the soybean germplasm collection for resistance to soybean rust.
Monte Miles, USDA-ARS

Evaluation of resistance to soybean rust in field and greenhouse tests in Georgia.
Roger Boerma, University of Georgia

Breeding for rust resistance in Brazil.
José Francisco Ferraz de Toledo, EMBRAPA, Brazil

Application Technology

General overview of application strategies for applying fungicides in the soybean canopy. Nozzle type considerations for improved soybean canopy penetration: A summary of the work done at Kansas State University.
Bob Wolf, Kansas State University

Nozzle and equipment considerations for improved coverage in the soybean canopy: A summary of the work done in Ohio.
Erdal Ozkan, The Ohio State University and Richard Derksen, USDA-ARS

Aerial application strategies for improved coverage in the soybean canopy: A summary of the work done in recent years.
Dennis Gardisser, University of Arkansas

Disease Assessment

Pros and cons of different disease assessment ratings.
Larry Madden, The Ohio State University

Rating systems used in Brazil for soybean rust assessment.
Cláudia Godoy, EMBRAPA

Industry rating systems used for fungicide assessments.
Gary Cloud, Ag Research Associates


Ensemble approach to soybean rust forecasting for the 2006 PIPE.
Joseph Russo, ZedX, Inc.

Forecasting the spread of soybean rust using a nested climate model.
Zaitao Pan, St. Louis University

Forecasting the spread of soybean rust using an ensemble HYSPLIT modeling approach.
Joseph Petrovich, ZedX, Inc.

Application of the integrated aerobiology modeling system to soybean rust forecasting in 2006.
Scott Isard, The Pennsylvania State University


Sentinel and mobile plots.
Jim Marois, University of Florida

Spore trapping.
John Rupe, University of Arkansas

Spore identification.
Sally Miller, The Ohio State University

USDA website - PIPE.
Julie Golod, The Pennsylvania State University

    General Session:
    The Present Soybean Rust Situation

Summary of soybean rust communication activities in North America.
Greg Shaner, Purdue University

Section 18 recap and future perspective.
Martin Draper, USDA-CSREES

Economic impact of soybean rust in North America.
Robert Wisner, Iowa State University

Economic Value of Plant Disease Early-Warning Systems: A Case Study of USDA's SBR coordinated Framework.
Utpal Vasavada, USDA-RRED-ERS

    General Session:
    Long-term Perspectives on Soybean Rust

What will PIPE look like in five years.
Joe Russo, ZedX, Inc.

What can we learn after five years of sentinel plots and should we keep going.
Layla Sconyers, University of Georgia

Long term impact of soybean rust on Midwest corn/soybean rotation system (also considering cost of N and soydiesel).
Gary Munkvold, Iowa State University

Long term impact of soybean rust on chemical industry.
Jim Barrentine, Cheminova, Inc.

What will happen if soybean rust doesn’t happen?.
David Wright, North Central Soybean Research Program

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