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Poster Presentations


Michigan’s 2007 soybean sentinel plots

Presenter: Diane Brown-Rytlewski

Other authors and affiliations: Cassandra Bates, Jan Byrne, Ray Hammerschmidt. Michigan State University, Plant Pathology, East Lansing, MI 48824, U.S.A.

Nineteen sentinel plots were monitored on a weekly basis from mid-June through mid-September 2007. Plots were located in commercial soybean fields throughout the major soybean-producing areas of Michigan. Drought conditions throughout much of the state over the summer drastically limited the severity and incidences of foliar diseases. A total of 123 soybean foliar samples was taken from the plots and submitted for lab evaluation. Bacterial leaf spots were the most common cause of lesions on the samples; these were present in 43% of the samples. Brown spot (Septoria glycines) was also commonly detected; it was present in 32% of the samples. Other pathogens detected on samples included Peronospora manshurica and Cercospora sojina. Soybean rust was not detected in Michigan in 2007, despite late-season sampling efforts. The Michigan sentinel plot network is a cooperative effort between the Michigan State University Diagnostic Services and Field Crop extension educators and the National Plant Diagnostic Network.

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