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Poster Presentations


New York State Soybean Rust Sentinel Plot Network: Two years of cooperative scouting efforts

Presenter: Gary C. Bergstrom

Other authors and affiliations: Mary E. McKellar, Molly Swartwood, Patty Clement, Karen Snover-Clift. Cornell University, Plant Pathology, Ithaca, NY 14853-5904, U.S.A.

The New York State Soybean Sentinel Plot Network provided weekly assessment from June through September of foliar soybean diseases, including rust, in 19 and 20 soybean fields in 2006 and 2007, respectively. Due to network observations, a steady advisory of “low risk” of rust was broadcast to growers in both years, thus preventing unwarranted fungicide applications and saving producers significant expense. Septoria brown spot, downy mildew, and bacterial pustule were the most prevalent diseases in sentinel plots, though bacterial blight, frogeye leaf spot, and Alternaria leaf spot were also observed. The mean severity of foliar disease was fairly low in both years, but was lowest in 2007, a generally dry production season. In addition to providing the New York soybean industry with an early detection and communication system (www.ppath.cornell.edu/soybeanrustny/) for soybean rust, the sentinel plot network also serves as a focal point for assessment and communication of broader pest management issues affecting soybean production. The network relies on the efforts of dedicated cooperators from cooperative extension, industry, and Cornell University (including the Northeast Plant Diagnostic Network’s Hub Laboratory in Ithaca). All cooperators have agreed to continue the network in 2008.

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