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Poster Presentations


Evaluation of fungicides and fungicide timing for the control of rust and late season diseases in soybean crops in the central area of Santa Fe Province, Argentina

Presenter: Dardo Cesar Escobar

Other authors and affiliations: Margarita Sillon. University of Litoral, Plant Protection, Esperanza, Santa Fe 2620, Argentina

One of the objectives of The National Rust Soybean Program in Argentina is to generate information on management strategies to control rust and other diseases affecting soybean crops. To achieve this objective, a nationwide net of fungicides trials are conducted every year to evaluate different application moments on soybean rust severity and yield, using a single protocol in different locations. Results obtained in the central area of Santa Fe Province are presented. In applications with low levels of rust (moment 1), combinations of triazols + strobilurines were more effective. At the GS R7, plots treated with combinations of triazols + strobilurins in moment 1 showed higher remaining green areas with respect to the check. Statistical differences in yield were observed in all treatments with respect to the check. Increments range from 500 kg/ha in single applications to 1,000 kg/ha in double applications. When applications are delayed from moment 1 to moment 2, all products show a decrease in response due to higher levels of rust. Applications in moments 1 and 2 (R2 and R3/R4) improved the weight of grains in about 10%. All treatments shower better sanitary performance in grains with respect to the check, with no differences between moment 1 and moment 2. Yield increases for moment 1 reached on average of 52% for all products, and 40% for moment 2, with higher levels of rust. Yield increases for double applications can reach values as high as 60% more with respect to the check. The best time to apply fungicides depends on the moment of rust infection.

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