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Poster Presentations


Growth and development of soybean under different fungicides spraying

Presenter: Guy Mitsuyuki Tsumanuma(1)

Other authors and affiliations: Antonio Luiz Fancelli(1), Marco Antonio Tavares Rodrigues(2), Edson Begliomini(2), Rafael Bigoto(1), Andre Venturoso Furlanis(1). (1)ESALQ/USP, Crop Production, Piracicaba, Sao Paulo 13418-900, Brazil; (2)BASF-SA, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Field trials were carried out aiming at evaluating the effect of fungicide spraying on soybean development and growth with the following treatments: 1. control; 2. fungicide BAS500 01F (V4); 3. fungicide BAS500 01F (V4) + fungicide BAS512 00F (R2); 4. fungicide BAS500 01F (V4) + fungicide BAS512 00F (R2 and R4); 5. fungicide BAS500 01F (V4) + fungicide BAS512 00F (R2) + fungicide BAS480 27F (R4); 6. fungicide BAS500 01F (V4) + fungicide BAS480 27F (R2 and R4); and 7. fungicide BAS512 00F (R2 and R4). The trials were carried out in the 2006 growing season, in Assai-PR, with the varieties MG/BR 46 (Conquista) and BRS Valiosa RR. The parameters dry mass of stem (MMSstem); dry mass of leaves (MMSleaves); dry mass of fructification (MMSfructification); total dry mass (MMStotal), leaf area index (LAI), and grains productivity were evaluated fortnightly. The results showed that there was a physiological positive effect on productivity and on the production components of soybean due to the spraying of F500. There was also a positive physiological effect on productivity and on the production components with an extra spraying of F500 (comparison between treatments 3 and 4). The same positive effect was also observed with F500 utilization compared with the other fungicide group with one (at R4, comparison of treatments 4 and 5) or two (treatments 4 and 6) sprayings due to an increment in MMStotal and LAI and consequently in leaf duration, thus enabling an increase in productivity.

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