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Poster Presentations


Soybean productivity in relation to fungicides and spraying times to control the Asian rust in soybean

Presenter: Guy Mitsuyuki Tsumanuma(1)

Other authors and affiliations: Antonio Luiz Fancelli(1), Marco Antonio Tavares Rodrigues(2), Edson Begliomini(2), Rafael Bigoto(1), Camila Heuser(1), Andre Venturoso Furlanis(1). (1)ESALQ/USP, Crop Production, Sao Paulo 13418-900, Brazil; (2)BASF-SA, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Trials were carried out during the 2006 growing season in order to evaluate soybean productivity in relation to fungicides belonging to different chemical groups as well as different spraying times. The treatments were 1. control; 2. fungicide BAS500 01F (V4); 3. fungicide BAS500 01F (V4) + fungicide BAS512 00F (R2); 4. fungicide BAS500 01F (V4) + fungicide BAS512 00F (R2 and R4); 5. fungicide BAS500 01F (V4) + fungicide BAS512 00F (R2) + fungicide BAS480 27F (R4); 6. fungicide BAS500 01F (V4) + fungicide BAS480 27F (R2 and R4); and 7. fungicide BAS512 00F (R2 and R4). The treatments were sprayed with a CO2-propelled backpack sprayer equipped with twin jet nozzles (Micron 110DB2), and being 150 liters ha1 being the spray volume. The results showed that all the products utilized significantly reduced the severity of the disease when applied at R2 and R4. However, the fungicide F500 (BASF) showed a longer residual period in the control of the disease than did the fungicides belonging to the triazole group (BAS480 27F). Furthermore, it was observed that the highest productivity was obtained when F500 was also sprayed at V4, significantly different even when the same product was sprayed at R2 and R4, suggesting that spraying at V4 together with herbicide application enables the plant to respond better to the injuries suffered by the use of these products in weed control.

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