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    Keynote Address

USDA Risk Management Agency.
Eldon Gould, USDA-RMA.

    General Session: Soybean Rust in 2007

Overview of Soybean Rust and Cropping Systems in Mexico.
Olegario Barrera Farias, Centro Nacional de Referencia Fitosanitaria.

Overview of Soybean Rust in North America.
Carl Bradley, University of Illinois.

Overview of Soybean Rust in Brazil.
Austeclínio Lopes de Farias Neto, Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, Fish & Food.

    General Session: Disease Control

Fungicide Application Technology.
Richard Derksen, USDA-ARS.

Fungicides and Their Time of Application for Control of Soybean Rust.
Tristan Mueller, University of Florida.

Management of Fungicide Resistance: A Case Study.
Gary Secor, North Dakota State University.

Fundamental Aspects of Development of Resistance to Fungicides.
Eric Tedford, Syngenta Crop Protection.

    General Session: Advances in Biology of the Pathogen

Latest Developments on Alternative Hosts.
Morris Bonde, USDA-ARS.

Adhesion and Rainfall Washoff of Urediniospores on Soybean Leaves.
Nicholas Dufault, Maria C. Velez-Climent. The Pennsylvania State University.

Latest Developments on Alternative Hosts.
Glen Hartman, USDA-ARS.

Winter Survival of Phakopsora pachyrhizi on Kudzu in Florida.
Wayne Jurick, University of Florida.

Latest Developments on Alternative Hosts.
Doug Luster, USDA-ARS.

Spread of Soybean Rust Within a Field – What Happens After the Spores Arrive.
Dario Narvaez, University of Florida.

    General Session:
    Epidemiology, Physiology and Yield Loss Assessment

Development of a Yield Loss Prediction Model for Asian Soybean Rust.
Saratha Kumudini, University of Kentucky.

Movement of Rust as Determined by Remote Sensing.
Forrest Nutter, Iowa State University.

Crop Physiology: Yield, Maturity Groups, and Growth Stages.
Palle Pedersen, Iowa State University.

Epidemiological Models of Spread of Soybean Rust in the Southeast.
Harald Scherm, University of Georgia.

Physiology of Yield Loss: Examples with Other Rusts.
Greg Shaner, Purdue University

    Concurrent Evening Session A: Policies and Potpourri

Asian Soybean Rust in the USA: Ag Industry Perspective.
James Bloomberg, Bayer CropScience

Current Perspectives from USDA-CSREES.
Marty Draper, USDA-CSREES.

Evaluation of Sentinel Plot Protocols and Plans for 2008.
Julie Golod, The Pennsylvania State University.

The IPM-PIPE Program.
Don Hershman, University of Kentucky.

    Concurrent Evening Session B:
    Report from the Front Line: Experiences from Veterans

Crop Consultants.
Kevin Black, Growmark, Inc.

Ken Dalenberg, USB, Illinois Grower.

Extension Specialist.
John Damicone, Oklahoma State University.

Extension Specialist.
Tom Isakeit, Texas A&M University.

Billy Wayne Sellers, Georgia Grower.

Crop Consultants.
Blaine Viator, Calvin Viator and Associates, LLC.

    General Session:
    Sentinel Plots, Spore Trapping, and Disease Forecasting

Overviews and Value of Sentinel Plots for 2007.
Loren Giesler, University of Nebraska. Don Hershman, University of Kentucky.

Disease Forecasting and the SBR Ensemble Forecasting Program in 2007.
Scott Isard, The Pennsylvania State University.

Disease Forecasting and the SBR Ensemble Forecasting Program in 2007.
Zaitao Pan, St. Louis University.

Disease Forecasting and the SBR Ensemble Forecasting Program in 2007.
Joseph Russo, ZedX, Inc.

Spore Trapping Technology and Results from 2007.
Les Szabo, USDA-ARS.

    General Session:
    Disease Resistance and the Infection Process

Proteomic Analysis of Resistant and Susceptible Soybean Lines.
Zhiyuan Chen, Louisiana State University.

Mapping Soybean Rust Single Gene Resistance.
David Hyten, USDA-ARS.

Proteomic Analysis of Soybean Rust Urediniospores.
Doug Luster, USDA-ARS.

Development of Disease Resistant Varieties in Brazil.
Austeclínio Lopes de Farias Neto, Embrapa Cerrados.

Resistance to Soybean Rust in Dry Beans.
Talo Pastor-Corrales, USDA-ARS.

Rpp-Mediated Gene Expression in Resistant and Susceptible Rust Interactions.
Kathy Schneider, USDA-ARS. Martijn van de Mortel, Iowa State University.

Evaluation of Soybean Germplasm Collections for Disease Reaction and Prospects for Development of Disease Resistant Varieties.
David Walker, USDA-ARS

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