National Soybean Rust Symposium


Organizing Committee



Poster Presentations

PMN's Focus
on Soybean Resource

National Soybean Rust Symposium

Special thanks to the Technical Committee Members and their organizations for their collaboration and support on this important symposium.

National Soybean Rust Symposium Chair

Anne Dorrance, The Ohio State University

Technical Committee

David L. Wright, Iowa Soybean Association (Chair)

Jamie Baley, Monsanto Co.

Kevin Black, Growmark, Inc.

Silvia Cianzio, Iowa State University

Marty Draper, USDA-National Institute of Food

and Agriculture

Jim Dunphy, North Carolina State University

Don Hershman, University of Kentucky

Richard Joost, USB/Smith Bucklin

Bob Kemerait, University of Georgia

Leonor Leandro, Iowa State University

Jim Marios, University of Florida

Raymond S. Schneider, Louisiana State University

Roy Scott, USDA ARS

Ed Sikora, Auburn University

John Soper, Pioneer Hi-Bred

Gary Stacey, University of Missouri

Albert Tenuta, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture & Food

Eric Tedford, Syngenta Crop Protection

David Walker, USDA: ARS

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