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Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations


Soybean rust monitoring activities in Ontario, Canada

Presenter: A. U. Tenuta

All authors and affiliations: A. U. TENUTA (1), S. Hambleton (2), T. R. Anderson (3), C. Van Herk (1), H. Saeed (2), K. Oliver (2). (1) Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Ridgetown, ON, Canada; (2) Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Ottawa, ON, Canada; (3) Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Harrow, ON, Canada

Ontario has been involved in the North American soybean rust monitoring system since 2005, and each year a series of sentinel plots is established across the soybean production areas of southern Ontario (from Windsor to Ottawa). The sentinel plot program involves intensive scouting for soybean rust symptoms and field evaluations by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) in conjunction with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC). The establishment of these plots allowed us also to survey for other soybean pests, such as SCN, aphids, and other diseases. To date, the only confirmed Canadian soybean rust plant infection occurred during the 2007 growing season at Ridgetown, Ontario. In addition to the sentinel plots and mobile scouting efforts, a Canadian soybean rust spore detection network was established in 2007, which processes rainfall and air samples from nine Ontario sentinel plot locations plus five in other provinces (Alberta [1], Saskatchewan [1], Manitoba [1], and Quebec [2]). Since the network was established, soybean rust spores have routinely been detected in Ontario, usually beginning in late June through late September. Viability of these spores, however, can not be determined based on the qPCR assay utilized. The Canadian spore detection data have been incorporated into the USDA soybean rust forecasting models. Most of the broad detection events (large geographical areas) corresponded to storm front events from the United States, which suggests long-distance transport of the spores. Funding for these soybean rust monitoring activities were provided in part by OMAFRA, AAFC through the Agricultural Adaptation Council’s CanAdvance Program and Pest Management Centre, the Ontario Research Development (ORD) program, the Ontario Soybean Growers, and the Ontario Soybean Rust Coalition.

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