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Poster Presentations


Comparison of the efficiency of soybean rust control by preventive and curative fungicides sprays, combined with different adjuvants, in Brazil

Presenter: M. C. Meyer

All authors and affiliations: M. C. MEYER (1), N. B. Costa (2), L. C. Ferreira (3), J. Junior (4), W. S. Venancio (5), E. Begliomini (6). (1) Embrapa Soybean, Goiania, GO, Brazil; (2) Uni-Anhanguera, Goiania, GO, Brazil; (3) UFG, Goiania, GO, Brazil; (4) CTPA, Goiania, GO, Brazil; (5) UEPG, Ponta Grossa, PR, Brazil; (6) BASF, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil

The effects of strobilurins and triazoles premix fungicides, with different adjuvants, were evaluated on the soybean rust control in preventive and curative conditions, in Goiania, GO, Brazil. Treatments consisted of pyraclostrobin (65 g a.i. ha1) + metconazole (40 g a.i. ha1), pyraclostrobin (65 g a.i. ha1) + epoxiconazole (40 g a.i. ha1), pyraclostrobin (65 g a.i. ha1) + epoxiconazole (25 g a.i. ha1), azoxystrobin (65 g a.i. ha1) + cyproconazole (25 g a.i. ha1), picoxystrobin (65 g a.i. ha1) + cyproconazole (25 g a.i. ha1), and an untreated check. Treatments composed of pyraclostrobin + epoxiconazole were applied with three different adjuvants adhesive (40 ml ha1), metilated soybean oil (0.25%), and mineral oil (0.30%), respectively. Azoxystrobin + cyproconazole and picoxystrobin + cyproconazole were added with mineral oil (0.6 liter ha1). The fungicides treatments were applied on soybean stages R1, R4, and R5.3 in the trial preventive (before disease infection) and on soybean stages R2, R5.1, and R5.4 in the trial curative (after infection). All treatments controlled soybean rust (higher than 90% efficiency) and were more effective when applied preventively. The disease severity at soybean stage R5.5 ranged from 0.38 to 2.00% (check 71.25%) on preventive treatments and from 1.25 to 6.00% (check 85%) on curative treatments. The defoliation index at stage R6 (check 100%) ranged from 33 to 48% preventive and from 43 to 64% curative. Soybean yield varied from 3,078 to 2,638 kg ha1 preventive (check 1,547 kg ha1) against 2,633 to 2,265 kg ha1 curative (check 1,250 kg ha1).

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